When you are heading out of town, you likely have only a few people you trust to care for your sensitive feline friend. Cats are notoriously finicky and tend to not do well when thrust in new situations and environments, so boarding your cat when you need to leave can be challenging. And, finding a boarding facility that accepts cats can also be difficult. However, if you need a skilled, compassionate team to care for your cat like they’re in their own home, turn to The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge.

To help put your mind at ease that your pet will feel comfortable and relaxed in our luxurious cat condos, check out our accommodations. Learn what to expect when your cat comes here to stay, and ask our team any questions that will reassure you that your pet is in the best hands possible. Here are the feline-friendly perks your cat can expect when they come to visit.

#1: Our cat condo layout caters to natural feline behavior

Cats are naturally fastidious creatures who like a clean environment. This means that their food, water, litter box, and bed should be in different locations. After all, who likes to go to the bathroom right next to their dinner bowl? With our cat condos, your feline friend will have plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy their resources in separate locations. Our feline boarding accommodations are uniquely designed, and offer two compartments, separated by a partition with a cat-sized entryway. This design allows your cat’s litter box to be kept away from their food, water, and resting area. By separating your cat’s resources, they’ll be less stressed and more comfortable with their lodgings.

#2: Feliway pheromone diffusers soothe anxious cats

It’s no secret that a dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than a person’s, but cats also have a vastly superior sense of smell. Disinfectants, odors from other pets, and scents of unfamiliar people can unsettle a cat. These smells can be strong to a feline’s powerful nose, but so can the scent of calming pheromones. These species-specific scents are a type of chemical communication that cats use to interact with each other, and their world. Different pheromones relay different messages and can influence behavior. At The Pet Resort, we use Feliway pheromone diffusers that send relaxing messages to our boarding felines. One specific Feliway product mimics the natural pheromones that send calming messages to cats and help reduce stress-related behaviors.

#3: Classical music provides cats with a calming background noise

Music is a fantastic way for people and pets to calm down and unwind. One study found that cats find classical music relaxing. When Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings was played for cats in a two-minute burst, the scientists found that the classical piece made them noticeably more relaxed. Based on such studies, we play quiet, classical music in our feline boarding facility, to promote a calm atmosphere.

#4: Socialization opportunities are geared toward your cat’s preference

Some cats are social butterflies, while others prefer the pleasure of their own company. Still others would rather socialize with one particular person or cat, rather than an entire group. Based on your feline friend’s preferences, we will provide the appropriate socialization opportunities, including:

  • Group play in our indoor Cat Room
  • Individual play in our indoor Cat Room
  • One-on-one time with a team member

No matter whom your cat likes hanging out with, we’ll ensure their needs are met, and they’re comfortable throughout the entire experience.

#5: Additional amenities provide your cat with a personal touch

To add a special touch to your cat’s stay, we provide a few additional amenities. These personal touches help ensure they feel at home, and are especially relaxed and calm. We offer delicious homemade treats we know will please feline palates, no matter how finicky. For cat owners, we send periodic photographic updates, so you can check in on your cat and see what they’re doing. 

We welcome unscheduled resort tours from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. This up-close and personal look at your feline friend’s accommodations will help put your mind at ease while you’re out of town. For a resort tour, or to make your cat’s boarding reservation, contact our Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team.