The summer travel season is here, and The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge is full of four-legged vacationers. We know leaving your best friend with someone else can be scary, but with our amenities and accommodations, you will find that our facility is truly a home away from home for your pet. Here are five tips for making your pet’s boarding experience an enjoyable getaway. 

#1: Get your pet’s pre-boarding check-up

Health and safety are a priority at Stone Ridge, so we require that boarding pets be current on all vaccinations, as well as flea and tick preventives. We highly recommend a veterinary examination in advance of your pet’s stay, to ensure their overall health, and to discuss your plans, and any points of concern, such as:

  • Refills — For any current medications, ensuring your pet has enough for their stay 
  • Medication — Prophylactic probiotics or anti-diarrheal medication, if your pet has a history of stress colitis
  • Help with anxiety — Prescription medications or supplements to help your pet, if they have anxiety

Forget boarding? Your veterinarian can help you determine whether your pet would be better staying at home because of their anxiety.

#2: Provide for your pet’s needs leave at home what they don’t need

To make your pet’s stay comfortable, we offer many amenities, such as bedding, toys during playtime, and premium food, but you need to bring:

  • Medications or supplements — Ideally, bring these in their original, labeled packaging with clear dosing instructions.
  • Special diet If your pet has specific dietary needs, bring enough food for the duration of their stay, plus a little extra, with feeding instructions.
  • Emergency contact information While your pet will receive prompt attention for any emergency, we will still need to reach you, so we need your current contact information, or the information of a local family member or friend who can help in your stead.

Although we prioritize your pet’s physical and emotional comfort, we ask that you check before bringing additional items, such as blankets, beds, toys, or personal items. We like to accommodate all requests, but lodging space limitations, and the risk of damage or loss restricts what we can allow. 

#3: Give your pet a trial run

If you are concerned about how your pet will handle boarding, we encourage you to let them become familiar with our facility. A trial run will show how your pet will cope, and teaches them that you will return, which will reduce pet anxiety and stress during their actual stay. We welcome you to schedule a one-night trial visit, during which our trained staff will monitor your pet’s behavior, give you a full report, and make recommendations for their full length stay.

#4: Check our vacation optionsfull itinerary or empty schedule?

There are two kinds of vacationers—those who have a full itinerary of events and sightseeing, and those who spend their days lounging, napping, and generally reclining. Why would pets be different? To suit your pet’s individual personality and needs, we offer a variety of customization options. For pets who enjoy meeting new friends and staying active, we offer:

  • Pet social hour You can schedule playtime sessions for your dog, or group play for your cat, where they can experience fun, supervised interactions with other socialites of their species.
  • People are the best! — You can add one-on-one time with a staff member for some quality human-time.
  • Return to nature For the outdoorsy dog, one of our caring staff members can take your pet on a safe, leashed trail walk on our property.
  • Pool party — Did we mention our play yard has a dipping pool?

For pets who want only peace and quiet, we offer:

  • Soothing sounds We pipe mellow music throughout our pet condos and suites to ensure maximum relaxation.
  • Well-appointed rooms We provide comfortable sofa beds, cots, and soft bedding where your pet can lounge the day away.
  • Gourmet grub We can serve homemade pet treats by request. 
  • A gentle touch Staff members cater to your pet’s interests—as much petting and snuggling as they want.
  • Do not disturb times While your pet is closely monitored, their privacy is also respected—if  they are a wallflower, we never insist they become a social butterfly, because this is their vacation, after all.

#5: Keep the parting with your pet sweet—and skip the sorrow

When the big day arrives, keep your emotions in check. We all realize that handing off the leash or carrier is difficult, but pets are incredibly intuitive and sensitive to your feelings, and if you leave full of guilt, sadness, and worry, your pet will fear something is wrong. 

Most pets handle this transition better than their owners. However, if your goodbye is prolonged and emotional, your pet, whether a cat or a dog, will be stressed and anxious for hours or days. This makes their care more challenging for us, as stressed pets do not want to eat, interact, or take care of themselves. Instead, replace your negative feelings with thoughts of your pet’s excitement when you return, and the fun they will have at Stone Ridge. Keep your farewell brief and confident, and give your pet the reassurance they need.

To schedule a tour of our facility, discuss boarding arrangements, or to schedule your pet’s stay, contact The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge. Then, when your pet is boarding with us and you need reassurance, ask us about sending you photo updates during their vacation.