Behavior issues are one of the top reasons pets are surrendered to animal shelters, or rehomed with a new family. But, with positive-reinforcement training, your canine companion can become your best friend again. With the aid of our trainer, Chris Hernandez, your pooch will learn appropriate behavior, and leave behind barking, lunging, aggression, and anxiety issues. Because Chris is such an integral part of The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge, and an important member of your dog’s training team, we want to share his story with you.

Chris’ path to a training career

Chris Hernandez became part of The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team after Dr. Pettyjohn and Rachel treated his dog. They so impressed him with their care of his pet, that he knew he had found the perfect group of people to work with. A Texas native, Chris served our country with a nine-year stint in the U.S. Army, and began searching for a canine companion after his honorable discharge in 2014. When he found Sarge, a willful German shepherd who needed a guiding hand and strong leadership, he also found his passion for dog training. While molding Sarge into a well-behaved canine companion, Chris was offered an internship with his dog trainer, and that collaboration—and Sarge—led him down his current career path, and helped him become the compassionate, skilled, dog trainer he is today. While training Sarge, he discovered his passion for helping dogs struggling with obedience and confidence, which granted them safer and easier lives through positive-reinforcement training. 

Since 2014, Chris has widened his canine training repertoire, teaching dogs and their handlers. He has trained dogs for the military and the police, and for personal protection, preparing them to search out drugs, scents, and people. In addition to shaping working dogs to be top-notch in their field, he deals with dogs who suffer from aggression and anxiety issues, using positive-reinforcement and behavior-modification training methods. As a dog trainer, he finds helping families become whole, by making their canine companion a productive and well-behaved family member, the most rewarding aspect. Seeing dogs with high anxiety or aggression problems learn to relax and settle in as part of the family is an invaluable reward for all the hard work he puts into training dogs with behavior issues. 

Chris’ two- and four-legged family

When not working at The Pet Resort, Chris enjoys his time at home brushing up on Sarge’s training. As a 5-year-old, all-white German shepherd, Sarge is a striking sight, who can turn his working drive on or off as needed. Chris’ initial training project, this intelligent dog has excelled in basic and advanced obedience, drug detection, search and rescue, tracking, and personal protection. Recently, Chris and his family added Sansa, a 7-month-old American bully dog, to their canine pack.

Chris and his wife, Katrina, have been married for two years, and have a 1-year-old son, Jameson Geronimo Hernandez. Sansa is Jameson’s best friend, and you can always find the two playing together. Despite being so young, Jameson is already displaying an impressive musical talent, and can match pitch with his mother, who happily caters to her son’s love for music by spending the evenings playing piano with him. Although Chris served as an airborne infantry soldier in Geronimo 1st 509th, Jameson did not receive his middle name from the military. Rather, he was named “Geronimo” because he is the oldest male in the family.

Chris’ favorite things

Now, you know Chris’ training background, and you’ve met his family, but who is the man behind the dog treats? When put to the test to choose his favorites, here’s what Chris said:

  • Riding motorcycles is the best way to travel.
  • Pizza is his ultimate favorite food.
  • Mountains are better than oceans, since deep water is creepy.
  • Coke goes with sandwiches, while Pepsi is perfect with tacos.

One day, Chris would like to travel the country with a backpack and his Harley, roughing it while camping. But, for now, he’s satisfied with making a huge difference in the lives of dogs who have behavior issues. 

How The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge can help

Learn more about how positive-reinforcement training can strengthen the bond between you and your pet in our blog post, which includes Chris’ in-depth biography. 

If your canine companion is out of control, and needs problem-behavior management, or your furry pal simply needs a refresher basic obedience course, we can help, because Chris is an excellent trainer for all situations. Each Wednesday, we offer free, 30-minute evaluations, where Chris observes your pet’s behavior, and then directs you toward the appropriate training class. Give us a call, to schedule your dog’s complimentary behavioral evaluation.