When you head out of town and need to leave your pet’s care to someone else, finding someone you trust can be tough. But, our rockstar team of resort staff members guarantee that your furry pal is in excellent hands here at The Pet Resort of Stone Ridge. To ease your worries about leaving your pet at a boarding facility, we want to share our team members’ tasks that help your pet feel at home. We will also introduce you to Adashia Franciour, one of our devoted resort staff members who will be caring for your pet.

What are a resort staff member’s duties?

When your pet comes to stay with us, they’re treated like a beloved family member. We not only cater to their physical needs, but also ensure we fulfill their social and mental needs. Your pet will not languish in a boring kennel during their entire stay, but will instead enjoy our comfortable suites and  playtime with our staff. 

Our resort team provides many more services than simple cleaning and disinfecting. Throughout the day, you may find team members:

  • Engaging with pets — Depending on your pet’s personality, we may engage them in exciting games, or simply sit and pet them. Your pet’s preference guides us on the amount of socialization we provide.
  • Capturing a special picture — Many pet owners love seeing photographic updates of their pets enjoying our facility and friendship. Whether we’re trying to capture that perfect selfie or catch your pet in action, you’ll often find us behind a camera.
  • Baking homemade treats — Nothing helps a pet feel more at home than special handmade treats that our team bake with love for our furry guests.
  • Strolling through nature — Our pet resort is surrounded by beautiful scenery, and we could not bear to keep your pet inside for their entire stay, so team members often walk pets on outdoor trails to take in the fresh air.
  • Supervising group playtime — Some pets are social animals who enjoy interacting with other members of their species. To do so safely, we evaluate our guests’ behavior and, if they pass, they can join our group playtime. Our highly trained team members supervise the pets as they romp and play together to ensure everyone remains safe and happy. 

As you can see, our team performs a wide range of pet care tasks each day—which makes pinning them down to learn how they became a The Pet Resort of Stone Ridge family member a tough job. But, we managed to stop Adashia for a few minutes to chat. 

Adashia’s story

Adashia Franciour was born and raised in Texas, on the north side of Houston. An animal lover, she decided in middle school that she wanted to work in the veterinary field. In college, she narrowed her focus to equine medicine. She doesn’t get to care for horses at The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge, but she enjoys working with the feline and canine guests, and believes the experience will be useful for when she achieves her goal of becoming a veterinarian. 

Adashia’ pets at home

At home, Adashia cares for her own canine companions, Summer and CartII, who are catahoula mixes, and Nipsey, her American terrier. She also shared her home with three snakes, but they passed away during an unnatural Texas freeze. 

Fun facts about Adashia

We asked Adashia about her favorite things:

  • Her favorite food — Seafood is the best, Adashia said. Plus, she cooks like a gourmet chef on a Friday night, so she can enjoy her favorite dishes prepared by her own hand. 
  • Her favorite hobby — With her focus on equine medicine, Adashia’s favorite hobby is—naturally—riding horses. In addition to becoming an equine veterinarian, Adashia would like to gain her Equissage certification. 
  • Vacation destination — If Adashia had to choose between an ocean view or the mountains, she would pick the ocean. She has been on many cruises and enjoyed every adventure. She wants to revisit Grand Turk Island in the next five years. 

The next time your pet stays at our Pet Resort of Stone Ridge facility, they likely will be lucky enough to enjoy Adashia’s dedicated attention, as she cares for every pet as if they were her own. Give us a call to schedule your furry pal’s boarding arrangements.