Leaving your beloved dog behind when you head out on a trip is tough. You may worry about your dog being homesick, how much she’ll miss you, and how scared she may be in new surroundings with strange dogs and people. To help prepare your pet for an eventual boarding stay, consider signing her up for doggy daycare first. A day full of fun with new dogs, interaction with different people, and exciting physical and mental activities can help ease her into boarding for an extended period.

Doggy daycare also can be more thrilling for your pet than staying home alone all day while you’re at work. Our canine playdates allow your pet to socialize with new friends, burn off excess energy, and get tons of attention from human staff. Your pet comes home in the afternoon tired and relaxed, content to hang out with you after your long day of work.

Doggy daycare not only helps your pet exercise and meet new friends, but also prepares dogs for extended boarding stays by introducing them to the boarding facility and the “regulars” they may see every day. Many dogs are nervous in new situations, so a slow introduction to a new boarding facility by participating in short doggy daycare sessions can help your pup dip in her toe without drowning.

Benefits of our doggy daycare program

We closely supervise our doggy daycare program to ensure the safety of every pet entrusted to our care. Dogs participating in our program, both daily attendees and boarders, will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Large indoor and outdoor play yards
  • Energy outlets
  • The chance to socialize with other dogs
  • Exercise that will help her maintain a healthy weight

Prior to enrolling in doggy daycare, your pet must undergo a playgroup compatibility evaluation. Each dog has a different play style and playmate preferences, so we perform a temperament test on every dog to determine the appropriate grouping. Once that decision is made, we introduce her to her new playmates one at a time to ensure everyone is comfortable, always watching for any signs of aggression or inappropriate behavior. Your pet will form close bonds with each dog and the staff members dedicated to her group, which will help comfort her during her first boarding stay. 

Our boarding facility’s amenities

Not all boarding facilities are created equal. We are proud of our luxury kennels, which are equipped with top-of-the-line amenities to provide your pet the comforts of home. Our boarding facility sets itself apart in a variety of ways and offers:

  • Veterinary-supervised boarding
    • Medication administration by knowledgeable staff
    • Monitoring by an experienced and highly trained team
  • Relaxation services
  • Play activities
  • Premium meals
  • Accommodation of special dietary needs
  • Convenient grooming and veterinary appointments while boarding
  • Additional one-on-one time
  • Homemade treats
  • Nature walks on our outdoor trails
  • Picture updates
  • Play dates in the yard with our dipping pool

Tips for preparing your dog for boarding

Some of our canine guests are frequent flyers who stay with us regularly. Others may be visiting for the first time, and both owners and pets may be a little nervous. Follow these tips to calm your nerves and prep your pup for her first time boarding:

  • Make the boarding facility as familiar as possible — If your pet has never visited our facility before, consider stopping by for a quick introduction. Let your dog sniff around, meet our staff, and stay for a doggy-daycare session. 
  • Stay calm — Dogs are remarkably in-tune with their owners, easily picking up on their emotions. If you’re anxious and worried, your dog will be, as well. Keep your goodbyes brief and don’t make a big deal of leaving. Many pet owners cry and linger, which stresses out their pet and creates more anxiety. Give her one last quick hug, say goodbye, and head back to your car.
  • Stick to the same feeding routine It’s tempting to spoil your pet with treats and chews when she’s boarding, but this can upset her stomach and cause vomiting and diarrhea. Supply only treats and food your pet is accustomed to, limiting gastrointestinal distress.
  • Ensure your contact information is up-to-date Before leaving, ensure we have your correct and current contact information, as well as an emergency contact if we have a question about your pet and cannot reach you.
  • Enroll in doggy daycare sessions — Familiar places, pets, and people will help keep your pet comfortable during her first boarding stay. Take advantage of a few doggy-daycare sessions prior to boarding to introduce her to a playgroup, our staff, and her surroundings. 

Is your canine companion ready to experience our luxury accommodations that blend personalized care with top-tier amenities? Give us a call to schedule your dog’s vacation with us.