Do you—or your pet—dread nail trims? And when that foul, fishy odor emanates from your furry pal’s hind end, does your heart sink, because you know it’s time to express their anal glands? These grooming tasks and others are unpleasant for pet owners, and uncomfortable for pets. Instead of undertaking these not so enjoyable tasks yourself, let our Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team handle them.

#1: Your pet needs their nails trimmed

Does your hand shake with fear as you bring the nail clippers close to your rottweiler’s thick, black nails? Many pet owners are afraid to trim their pet’s nails, especially if the pet is sporting dark-colored nails that are akin to bear claws. This anxiety can easily transmit to your pet, making the experience extra unpleasant for everyone involved. An uncomfortable pet owner may fumble around and cause undue distress, but a confident professional can quickly and easily trim nails. Rather than dreading those bi-monthly nail trims, schedule a nail trim with our experienced Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team.

#2: Your pet needs their anal glands expressed

Anal glands are two small sacs that are located right inside your pet’s rectum at around the 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock positions. Ideally, they should be naturally expressed when your pet defecates, covering the stool with a thin, foul-smelling liquid. However, some pets have issues expressing their anal glands on their own, and need assistance. If your pet has allergy issues, anatomical problems, or is overweight, they likely have anal gland problems. 

You’ll notice that your furry pal needs their anal glands expressed if they are:

  • Scooting their hind end on the carpet
  • Excessively licking their hind end
  • Having difficulties defecating
  • Emitting a foul odor or fluid from their hind end

Overly full anal glands are uncomfortable for pets, and can be difficult for a pet owner to express. But, if the fluid is not expelled, the glands can become impacted and form a painful abscess. This is one unpleasant grooming task that is often best left to the professionals, both for their experience, and for keeping your home smelling fresh!

#3: Your pet needs mats removed

Long-haired pets who are not regularly brushed can develop mats, and these thick hair clumps can cause several problems. For starters, a mat can become painful if not removed before tightening down to the skin, stretching and pulling the sensitive tissue. Mats can also cause skin infections by trapping moisture and bacteria underneath the wad of fur. Most often, mats are formed in delicate areas, such as behind the ears and under the legs, and trying to cut them out of these spots with scissors can lead to accidental injury. The skin in these spots is thin, and can easily be sliced by scissors when trying to remove a mat. 

If your pet has developed a mat or two, we will use grooming clippers to remove the mat from the skin safely and effectively. When using scissors, part of the mat is generally left to avoid accidentally cutting a pet, which is why we use clippers that can get under the mat without damaging the skin.

#4: Your pet needs ear hair plucked

Does your poodle turn into a hairy mess before their regular grooming appointment? Poodles and some other breeds, like shih tzus and schnauzers, are known for growing hair in their ears, and this hair may need removal to help prevent ear infections. If left alone, the hair can grow too long and become matted or tangled in ear wax, trapping moisture and additional debris, and leading to an infection. These pets need their hair trimmed or completely removed through plucking. Plucking a pet’s ear hair feels similar to plucking your eyebrows, so the experience for pets is not pleasant. Additionally, you may accidentally grab your pet’s skin in the hemostats when pulling their hair, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technique. Leave this tricky grooming task to our team.

Regular grooming is essential for keeping your pet’s skin, ears, and nails healthy, but several tasks can be unpleasant for you to perform on your furry pal. Allow our Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team to take over these duties. Call us to schedule an appointment.