8 Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

Regular grooming is essential for not only your pet’s good looks, but also their health. However, undertaking these tasks at home can be challenging without the proper tools, and downright daunting to inexperienced groomers. And, if your furry pal doesn’t appreciate a thorough grooming session—especially the bath and nail trim portions—a professional groomer has the [...]

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Mind Your Manners: The Importance of Socialization for Puppies

When welcoming home a new puppy, you’re likely thinking of all the supplies they need—food, toys, treats, bowls, bedding, a collar, and a leash. But, are you thinking about the time needed to teach them the ways of the world? Socialization—the positive exposure to new situations—is perhaps the most important aspect of raising a puppy. [...]

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Banish the Winter Blues with Indoor Enrichment for Your Pet

Although we don’t get the frigid winter temperatures here in Conroe, Texas, that the northern part of the country experiences, pets in our area still need indoor enrichment to ward off cabin fever. Without adequate physically and mentally stimulating enrichment, pets can develop a host of behavior and medical problems. Some of the most common [...]

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Treat ’Em Well—Pet-Safe Halloween Treats

Everyone loves a sweet Halloween surprise—including your pet! Unfortunately, many traditional treats contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs and cats. Every year, fictitious frights become real-life horror stories, as pet owners find themselves at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, or the nearest veterinary emergency hospital, waiting to find out if their dangerously curious pet [...]

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Nail Trims, Anal Glands, and Ear Hair, Oh My! 4 Unpleasant Grooming Tasks for Pets

Do you—or your pet—dread nail trims? And when that foul, fishy odor emanates from your furry pal’s hind end, does your heart sink, because you know it’s time to express their anal glands? These grooming tasks and others are unpleasant for pet owners, and uncomfortable for pets. Instead of undertaking these not so enjoyable tasks [...]

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There’s No Good in Goodbye—Separation Anxiety in Pets

Our pets love us dearly, and some love us desperately. Pets with separation anxiety demonstrate an unhealthy attachment to their owners, and cannot handle being without them. These emotions are on par with a human panic attack, and demonstrate your pet’s extreme distress and agitation that can lead to destructive behavior in their owner’s absence.  [...]

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