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Why is Year-Round Flea and Tick Prevention Important for My Pet?

Besides the obvious “ick” factor of fleas and ticks, these pesky parasites can cause a long list of illnesses in your furry pal, ranging from mild itching to life-threatening anemia or rickettsial diseases. And, since Conroe temperatures tend to stay above freezing all year long, there is no bug-free season. These tiny blood-suckers linger all [...]

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What You Need to Know About Lepto and Your Pet in Conroe

Before diving into the need-to-know information in this article, let’s start with a critical-thinking question. What do these three dogs have in common? Matilda — The fluffy Maltese missed her normal grooming appointment, and developed a mat in her silky hair that her owner tried to snip out with scissors, accidentally nicking her skin. The [...]

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Spotlight On Our Support Team: Get to Know Sheila

Most veterinary practices are tight-knit teams, with each member an essential piece of the puzzle. Our support team members are as crucial as our veterinarians in ensuring your beloved companion receives top-notch care, so this month, we are shining the spotlight on one of our client care specialists, Sheila Evans.  What is a client care [...]

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Hot Weather, Hot Topics

Whenever you are out on a hot day, sweating profusely, you know it’s important to cool yourself off. You search for shade, drink a tall, cold beverage, or submerge yourself in a large body of water. Dogs and cats need relief from the heat, too—although they can’t tell you so. Here are some of the [...]

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