As any woman knows, a day at a beauty salon leaves you feeling pampered and gorgeous, and that feeling extends to pets after they visit our grooming facility. A haircut designed to keep hair away from the eyes and mouth, a soothing bath, a mani/pedi, and a fluffing blowout will keep your pet looking and feeling her best, and put an extra pep in her step. Schedule a grooming appointment at The Pet Resort at Stone Ridge for all your furry friend’s beauty needs.

Why is grooming important for my pet’s health?

Regular grooming is an important part of pet care and should not be skipped. As we groom your pet, we check for lumps, bumps, injuries, mats, fleas, and ticks. We may notice ear infections or dental disease, skin conditions or a parasite issue. Groomers are often the first to spot a pet’s potential health concerns that require veterinary care, especially in thick-coated pets who can hide skin and ear problems. Detecting these issues early helps your pet make a complete and speedy recovery. 

Besides checking for potential health issues, a grooming session prevents painful matting, which can occur in any pet when the hair becomes clumped. Silky-coated pets require frequent brushing to prevent tangles, while double-coated dogs must be brushed to avoid an undercoat mat that prevents proper cooling. Removing dead hair from your pet helps to avoid excess shedding on your furniture and finding hairballs hacked up on your carpet. If your pet is an excessive groomer, she may ingest enough hair to cause an intestinal blockage. Proper grooming to remove loose hair can prevent these issues. 

During a grooming session, we also attend to your pet’s ears and nails, two of her most sensitive areas. Many pets do not appreciate ear and nail care, often struggling with their owners trying to clean their ears or trim their nails, so allow our professional staff to handle your pet’s sensitive ears and paws in a gentle, caring manner. Neglected ears can lead to excruciating ear infections, while ignored nails can curve painfully into paw pads. 

Our grooming is truly a nose-to-tail service, as we also check your pet’s teeth and anal glands during her visit. Dental disease affects more than three-quarters of all pets by age 3, leading to oral pain, loose teeth, bleeding gingivitis, and dental infections that can travel to the heart, liver, and kidneys. We brush your pet’s teeth during her grooming appointment to help reduce plaque, which accumulates and hardens into tartar and can lead to periodontal issues. On your pet’s other end, we check her anal glands to ensure they aren’t impacted or infected. Pets routinely have difficulty expressing these glands when they defecate, and require assistance to fully empty the glands to avoid infections. Proper grooming halts potential problems in the early stages, from nose to tail and everywhere in between. After a good grooming, your pet feels the same as you do after putting on fresh, clean clothes, but your pet has the added benefit of a health check. 

What grooming services are offered at the Pet Resort?

We offer a variety of grooming services, including:

  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expressions
  • Ear cleanings
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Breed-standard cuts for many breeds, such as schnauzers, poodles, and Yorkies
  • Medicated baths for itchy, allergy-suffering pets with skin conditions
  • Dremel filing to smooth sharp, hooked nails
  • Sanitary trims to keep the hind end neat and clean 
  • Teeth brushing to help reduce plaque buildup on your pet’s pearly whites
  • Facial trims to avoid water and food catching in mustaches and beards 
  • De-shedding treatments for pets who blow their thick winter coats all over your home
  • De-matting treatments to remove painful, tight clumps of hair from sensitive areas

Many of these services are not offered at basic grooming facilities, but we consider ourselves a “cut” above the rest, dedicated to providing the best grooming care to your furry friend. Our team of dedicated professionals offers breed-specific cuts, such as that special schnauzer skirt or poodle poof. As summer temperatures soar, we frequently perform summer cuts, designed to help keep your pet cool while avoiding sunburn. Your pet will prance out of our grooming facility, looking and feeling fabulous, and the envy of every pet on the block.

Appointments book fast for summer styles—schedule your pet’s “spa day” soon.