Regular grooming is essential for not only your pet’s good looks, but also their health. However, undertaking these tasks at home can be challenging without the proper tools, and downright daunting to inexperienced groomers. And, if your furry pal doesn’t appreciate a thorough grooming session—especially the bath and nail trim portions—a professional groomer has the experience and veterinary backing to calmly and successfully tackle these tough tasks. Read on to discover eight benefits your pet will enjoy from a professional grooming session.

#1: A professional groomer will ensure your pet’s grooming fits their health needs

Pets with thick fur, mats, or sensitive skin can easily suffer from skin irritation or a cut during grooming, especially if scissors rather than clippers are used to cut out mats. Additionally, if your pet has a skin condition, like oily or dry skin, a professional groomer can use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. 

#2: A professional groomer knows how to cut your dog’s nails without a hassle

Does the thought of performing a nail trim fill you—and your pet—with dread? A professional groomer knows how to correctly trim your pet’s nails, despite their thick, black nails that make spotting the quick (i.e., the sensitive nerve and blood vessel inside the nail) difficult. Since a groomer is experienced and skilled at cutting nails, they can perform the task with the least amount of stress and struggle, putting your furry pal more at ease with the grooming procedure.

#3: A professional groomer will have all the necessary tools of their trade

A thick, double-coated dog requires special brushes and combs to pull out dead undercoat without damaging the rest of their fur. Specific clippers designed for pet use will provide the best haircut, without cutting the skin, which can happen if human hair clippers are used. Instead of trying to figure out the appropriate tools for your pet’s grooming needs, schedule an appointment with a professional groomer.

#4: A professional groomer can detect potential health issues

As a professional groomer combs through your pet’s thick fur, trims their nails, and rubs shampoo into their skin, they’re in the best position to spot potential health issues. They may find fleas, ticks, or evidence of skin problems, like hot spots or sores. Or, they may discover a lump or bump you hadn’t noticed, that you can bring to your veterinarian’s attention.

#5: A professional groomer can handle unpleasant tasks

In addition to nail trims, a professional groomer can handle other unpleasant grooming tasks you’d rather not do yourself. Anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, and blowing dry the coat of a Siberian husky can be passed on to a professional.

#6: A professional groomer can give your pet a specific haircut

Do you wish your standard poodle looked like a show dog? Certain breeds can have particular haircuts that usually only a professional can achieve. Plus, a groomer can trim sensitive areas, like around the eyes and rear end, with care and precision.

#7: A professional groomer can offer at-home care tips for your pet

Does your white dog have reddish-brown tear stains around their eyes? Perhaps your overweight cat has problems grooming their back end, and they’re prone to dry, flaky skin? A professional groomer can provide tips on reducing tear-staining in white pets and improving dry skin. They can also recommend the best brushes and combs for your pet’s hair coat.

#8: A professional groomer can soothe your pet’s anxiety with a veterinarian’s aid

Some pets do not appreciate the benefits of regular grooming, and can become anxious and afraid at the sight of a brush, nail clippers, or shower nozzle. For such fearful pets, a veterinarian can prescribe pre-visit calming medications to administer at home. If a veterinarian is on-site at the grooming facility, they can administer injectable sedation for pets who would prefer to be fully sedated for grooming.

Would you be happy if you never had to trim your pet’s nails again? Maybe your cat would benefit from calming medication administered prior to a grooming appointment. To make your pet’s grooming experience pleasant, enlist a professional groomer. Contact our Pet Resort at Stone Ridge team, to schedule your furry pal’s grooming appointment.